Fox Junkie is an inclusive, reliable, and down-to-earth local agency for hospitality businesses.

Like-minded individuals

Jeremy & Nontouch have years of experience working in, researching, and owning hospitality businesses. So you can rest assured that when you work with FJ, you're talking to folks who know the ins and outs of hospo life.

Since the agency was brought to life, we've worked with over 100 brands, from local takeaway shops to upscale restaurants, in all their social, photography, and branding needs.

in it for the long run

We believe in building good long-term relationships with our clients. The business owners we work with are big picture thinkers that trust us to do what we do best, with many still partnering with us over the years.

We are a team of folks who live and breathe food and would commit murder for a glass of good wine.