Our Story

A team of folks who live and breathe food and would commit murder for a glass of good wine.

Fox Junkie Digital was born from an unplanned and unexpected beginning when Nontouch & Jeremy were coaxed by a friend to run the social media for their cafe.

Seeing how much of a gap there was in the local market for quality content production based on budgets that small hospitality owners actually had, it was a fairly easy (after a few drinks and pros/cons chats) decision to go the whole hog and start a company that filled that gap so beautifully!

Word spread after that and soon Nontouch & Jeremy were inundated with requests from cafe and restaurant owners all over Brisbane. Being able to speak their language (literally and figuratively), simplify marketing speak into real results and do it all with a love for the industry many agencies just can’t match, Fox Junkie has gone from strength to strength.


The team has expanded over the last year with Jarred: a brilliant copy writer, food blogger and genuinely excellent dude, Bec: a Graphic Designer by trade but actual creative guru by many years of experience and Pattarapee: an absolute Manic (with a capital ‘M’) when it comes to photography and videography.

So it turns out, with our powers combined, Fox Junkie is an absolute force to be reckoned with!

Jeremy Khoo Food Porn Addict

Nontouch Santhadthan Sashimi Lover

Rubecca Wong A Full-Time Memes Dealer

Bec Humphrey Creative Guru

Pattarapee Tangpong Camera Maniac

Halloumi Chief Cuddle Executive